the collect

The Process


When a Rector announces that they are leaving, it is important that the vestry make sure the parish will be taken care of in the interim and a group of diverse, thoughtful and objective members are formed to lead the process of selecting a new rector.

Meet our Interim Rector, the Rev’d Darby O. Everhard, who joined us All Saints Sunday in 2020

Meet our Search Committee

Discern - See the new summary of the Parish Survey

It is the desire and responsibility of the Search Committee to gather information on the desires and concerns of the members and staff of St. Mary’s. They look not only at where we have been as a parish, but where we are going. These insights give the Search Committee the tools to build a profile of the person desired and needed to guide St. Mary’s. 

  Self Study

✓  Parish Survey (click to download)

✓  Staff Survey

✓  Group Meetings

✓  Results

 Congregational Ministry Portfolio (click to download)

  Position Posted. Saint Mary’s is accepting applications through June 1.


During this time we are quiet.  

Potential candidates are learning what St. Mary’s is looking for in a rector and discerning for themselves if they feel they possess the talents required and are called by God to apply for this position. We wait while God prepares our candidates. 

Receiving Applications

Evaluate - In Progress

You may not hear much from the Search Committee while they are prayerfully evaluating applications and speaking with candidates. This process is very intense and may take some time.  Please understand that this is a confidential process and the Search Committee cannot share specific details of the candidates, and trust they are working hard to find a great rector for St. Mary’s.  

Review Applications

Phone Interviews

In-Person Interviews

Site Visits


When the Search Committee has selected their candidate, they present the candidate to the Vestry for approval.  Concurrently, the candidate will be interviewed and approved by the Bishop.

Candidate Presented to Vestry

Interview with the Bishop


When the Vestry and Bishop approve the candidate, the Vestry will make a call to the candidate.  The candidate reviews the call and accepts or declines the offer.  If the call is declined, the Search Committee reconvenes and repeats the selection process.  If the call is accepted, an announcement is made to the members of the St. Mary’s.

Call made to the final candidate

Accept the Call