The Friendship Table is a Christian-intentional community in High Point, North Carolina. This small group of young adults, ages 18–25, will live together in prayer, explore spiritual formation, and join the High Point community through service to alleviate food insecurity.

The Friendship Table is committed to providing an exceptional opportunity for a group of young adults throughout 11 months (August–June) to be immersed in an environment that promotes growth in one’s faith while learning about the food scarcity that directly affects our local community.

At St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, we are devoted to empowering this group of young adults to cultivate conversations and solutions to best combat food insecurities in High Point, fueled by intentionally living out the Christian Rule of Life. The Friendship Table intends to create a learning environment that will drive our community into the future of sustainable practices from our current food state.

For more information, contact Mark Cassity, Chair at friendshiptable@stmaryshighpoint.org or visit www.friendtable.org


Dear Family & Friends of St. Mary’s and The Friendship Table,

I guess I had to see it to believe it. When I first stumbled into a justice-minded community, I had no plans of being hooked for three decades; it’s just that I’d never seen anything as compelling as Christ-followers following Christ. The attraction isn’t particularly noble. I love stories, especially messy ones, and I discovered I actually love people, too, especially the ones who aren’t too afraid of a mess. Clearly, much of the world is in such a state, and the suffering of God’s children cries out all around us, and yet “…a community which prays and loves is a sign of the resurrection,” says the activist theologian Jean Varnier, “That is its mission.” I believe him.

The Friendship Table prays and loves. It only does this because St. Marians prayed and loved first. So, what’s the next step? I can tell you: Pray and love.

You already know that prayer includes hands and feet, love includes muscle and dirt; prayer includes weeping and singing; love includes faith and, sometimes (here it comes) a checkbook. As it turns out, our money is our own work and blessings made tangible; our question is always what to do with our blessings. Naturally, people who pray and love give some away.

The irony here is that if you’re reading this, you already do that! This appeal is neither more nor less worthy than the other appeals that come your way, particularly this time of year. Still, we tend to give where our hearts lead; and if your heart leads you to The Table this year, your gift will be treasured and then blessed on its journey toward brothers and sisters seeking the prayer and love we practice, seeking the resurrection we share, just as it has been shared with us. That’s a promise. That’s what we do.

May the coming season hold you gently, may your heart be bright, and may The Friendship Table’s second year bring us always nearer the dream of God.

With gratitude,

Mark Cassity, Steward

Tax-deductible donations may be mailed to The Friendship Table via St. Mary’s Episcopal Church (108 W Farris Ave / High Point NC 27262).

You can also donate online here.